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SubjectRe: Cheap network for two hosts ?
Hi David.

>>>> I want to exchange a lot of data between two x86-PCs.
>>>> The only options I see are : parallel port, serial port and USB.

>>> Best option: buy two network cards and a crossover cable or a hub.
>>> Faster, more efficient, more reliable. Slightly more expensive, but
>>> it's worth it.

>> I don't know what you call "Slightly more expensive", but I bought a
>> box containing a dozen old NE2000 clone cards for a fiver. So far,
>> I've used five of them, and sold a further four for £3 each, and by my
>> arithmetic, I don't think I could have done any better...

> I'd like to network 3 computers. Problem: one is a laptop. Any idea
> where I can get an ethernet card (preferably 10-base-T for a laptop for
> a reasonable price?

I just bought one new from one of the local computer shops, that does
both 10base2 and 10baseT for the amazingly expensive prive of £42.50,
and even on student income, I can afford that...

In fact, I'm using it to install RedHat 5.2 on the laptop in question
as we speak...

Best wishes from Riley.

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