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    SubjectRE: K6-2CTX MTRR's...

    --------Some else wrote :
    I set this up with an Elsa VICTORY II (Banshee, AGP, 16 MB SGRAM) and
    got nearly 2.5 times for 2D graphics operation and a huge bus transfer
    speedup!!! It offers the same as the Pentium II does.

    K6,K6/2,K6/2cxt-Utility, Andreas Stiller, c't V 1.1, Nov 98
    Syntax: SetK6 /on .. set WA for all memory (found: 128
    Syntax: SetK6 .. w/o parameter:displays actual configuration
    /on:Memorysize .. enable write allocation for memory [in
    /off .. disable write allocation
    SetK6 /M0:LFB,Size[,attr] Write combining for primary LFB
    SetK6 /M1:LFB2,Size[,attr] Write combining for second. LFB

    CPUID : Typ=00 Fam=05 Mod=08 Step=0C
    Processor Name : AMD K6-2CXT Step 12, 401 MHz
    PCI Framebuffers : 1. E8000000, 2. EC000000

    ironic that this would come out earlier today before i posted my question
    <g>, because i only get the digest and didn't know someone had asked..
    Yes, here are all the processors that now support "MTRR's", i did a little
    digging, and...:

    Pentium II/Pro : 8? MTRR registers
    AMD K6-2CTX/K6-3 : 2 MTRR registers
    Cyrix 6x86MX/M2 : 8 ARR (Address Range Registers)
    Centaur/IDT Winchip : 8 MCR (Memory Control Registers)

    Richard Gooch wrote and maintains the official P2/PPro MTRR code in the
    kernel...i've written him because once i write working code for the
    Winchip, i'll gladly expand his interface to transparently cover all 4
    chips..the problem being that i won't havea K6-2 and a cyrix to test them
    out on...i've downloaded all the spec sheets for all 3 processors, so w'll
    have to see...

    the important thing is getting it to merge with the existing MTRR
    interface, so that there's a consistant interface to access all four.
    i don't see this making it into official 2.2 thouygh...maybe an unofficial
    patch though, or modules...

    comments? corrections?

    /* John Clemens _/ */
    /* RPI CompE 2000 _/ Speak Softly, */

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