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SubjectRe: Swap Cache

> The cost-maximization phenomenon of thrashing also acts as a
> regressive tax on people who can't afford cutting-edge hardware.
> My dad bought one of those 32MB/4GB cheapos recently, and for

Why I still think that 32M/4G is good machine, and 8M/300M 386 is

> time. I can't. I'd have to move the SIMMs from one machine to another,
> which just isn't worth it for one piggy session, because I've lost the
> docs that say what kind of SIMMs I have in which machine, and I've forgotten
> how to decipher the BIOS. And for the laptop, I have to buy Toshiba

Unless you have fast ethernet in your house, swapping over network
will be too slow. Even if you have fast ethernet, it is pretty hard to
do: requires patches to tcp layer. (I had it working, through.)

I'm really Pavel
Look at ;-).

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