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I'm working on a "/proc/sys/kernel/corename" used to change
the filename of a coredump. Ie. you echo something to the above
file and thats what the corefile will be called.
This has been discussed in an earlier thread and the idea to
use %<whatever> came up, for example %p would expand to the coredumping
process pid. I am also trying to conform to the codes used by /bin/ps.

My problem is how to get the values for certain of these codes, if
anyone has any suggestions of an easy way to get the bellow values
while in elf_core_dump() (in linux/fs/binfmt_elf.c).
I have been using the values in "task_struct *current" extensively
so its possible that some (all?) of these values can be found in there.
If so, please point me in the right direction.

Problem values:

coredumping processes: args,elapsed time
user owning the coredumping processes: username,groupname,tty

Any and all help is appreciated..


-Simon Ekstrand

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