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SubjectRe: Fujitsu can't work properly in UDMA2 mode
On Dec 21,  6:58pm, Alan Cox wrote:
> Subject: Re: Fujitsu can't work properly in UDMA2 mode
> > I am seeing similar errors on my home system. The interesting thing is
> > these errors started occuring only with the development line of kernels.
> CRC errors are from UDMA, so your machine may well not be doing UDMA with
> 2.0. Now if you are overclocking the machine you've answered the question, go
> away and don't overclock it.

The machine is a Pentium 166 that is *NOT* overclocked. (I installed the chip
myself and made sure it was at the correct speed and voltage from the board.)

> If you are not overclocking it check the IDE cabling is short enough for UDMA
> and attached properly

What is the correct length? (The cable is not that long (maybe 2 feet, if
that). It is connected correctly.)

I saw another post on weirdnesses with the via chipset. Since I believe that
is what I have on that board I am going to investigate that route further.

Alan Olsen

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