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SubjectRe: Fujitsu can't work properly in UDMA2 mode
On Dec 16,  3:12am, Alan Cox wrote:
> Subject: Re: Fujitsu can't work properly in UDMA2 mode
> > My problem with my HD was something similar. When I bought my new computer
> > I change the speed of my Pentium II 350 to 396(+-) and the UDMA did not
> > work properly, and the Hard Disk gave CRC errors. I cannot understand why
> > the hard disk have problems when I change the speed of the processor. Is
> > the procesor the checker of CRC of the disk? When I disable the DMA with
> > hdparm the error disappear.
> For the same sort of reasons that if you tune the engine of a car and go
> twice as fast as you should the suspension tends to break
> All the pieces are interconnected

I am seeing similar errors on my home system. The interesting thing is that
these errors started occuring only with the development line of kernels.

I would like to be able to track this problem down further. Is there a way to
force the kernel to display what type of chipset and mode it is using for the
hard drive controller? I usually use the defaults for the kernel. (I need to
get the specs on the motherboard for the exact chipset. It is fairly new for a
Pentium motherboard. The bios is from within the last 3 or so months.)


Alan Olsen

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