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SubjectRe: NFS ...

> * Performance could be better. A few hundred kB/s should be possible on a
> not to busy 10MBit network, should it? I often only saw 40kB/s, but the
> server machine was slow (486-100), too. Now with P-150, I see 100kB/s
> between two Linux systems, which is still a little low, isn't it?

Performance definitely should be _much_ better. 486DX4/100 is fast
enough machine for such tricks. Link is 100Mbit ethernet, everything
is loaded.

Tests are done with various big files (>1.5Meg). Speeds are in K/sec

Server 2.0.X, client 2.0.X

server pentium/100, client pentium/100: 3700 (cache-cold), 5400
(cache-hot), 4100 (cache-cold), 4400 (cache-hot)

server pentium/100, client pentium/100: 1186 [bogus because already in
clients cache?], 320 (cache-cold)

Oops, oops, nfs performance is really bad.

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