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    SubjectRe: pgcc optimizationss
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    Marc Lehmann wrote:
    <blockquote TYPE=CITE>Yeah, sure, but mentioning "it works fine with -O6"
    makes less-skilled
    <br>people use it, with sometimes bad results ;)
    You are right of cource. But everybody has a head on his shoulders to think
    with ;-)
    <br>I only share information that hopefully can be used for bug fixes.
    This list is not for
    <br>amateurs ;-))
    <blockquote TYPE=CITE>I hope Linus applies bug-fixes, yes ;)</blockquote>
    AFAIK Linus thinks&nbsp; egcs guys silently changed some concepts in inline
    <br>(clobber list) and now they are blaming the kernel. I can't say who
    is right but it's obvious
    <br>gcc and pgcc produced different inline asm code. I'm pretty sure they
    shouldn't ;-)
    <blockquote TYPE=CITE>Optimizations often interact with each other in subtle
    ways. Most(!)
    <br>of the bugs I find are caused by bugs in egcs that only come
    <br>apperent in some later optimization.</blockquote>
    I'm afraid i didn't understand this.
    <blockquote TYPE=CITE>&nbsp;
    <br>But egcs is getting better with each second, it even does hard register
    <br>flow analysis now ;)
    <p>Lets hope egcs makes a better gcc sooner than later!</blockquote>
    Right, I like pgcc and I&nbsp;wish to see it stable.
    Petko Manolov -
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