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    SubjectRE: swap cache
    On Thu, 17 Dec 1998, Tony Hoyle wrote:

    > > Linux supports such easily enough; create a ramdisk, create a swapfile
    > > on the ramdisk, and then activate it.
    > Is it me or is this the most singularly silly idea ever....

    In general, yes.

    > RAM runs short, so the system starts swapping bits of itself out to RAM
    > to free more RAM up.

    In the old days of Windog 3.1, you /could/ actually improve performance
    on a 6Mb 486 [1] by putting a 4Mb swapfile on a doublespaced 2Mb RAM disk.

    I believe that there were compressed swap patches available at one time,


    [1] 386s didn't have quite enough CPU to make this worthwhile.

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