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SubjectRe: NFS ...
> * Another Network at our department is sometimes not working very well. I
> have some filesystems mounted via NFS, but nothing essential. Only data
> mounted on some mountpoint dir and a symlink from my homedir.
> Now, if the network hangs, a ls in my homedir hangs in D state and never
> gives up. Sopmetimes, I am even not able to kill -9 the process. I am never
> able to umount the fs (no process is working with any of the files in the
> NFS mounted dir, BTW).

2.1.x supports umount -f - you may need to send a kill to all the processes
and try it a few times but it normally gets you out

> * 2.1.125 knfsd starts working fine but after some time when doing ls on the
> client, it only says /bin/ls: no such file or directory for a hundred times.
> (That many file are in thsi directory.) Client is 2.0.36.

2.1.125 is prehistory, and its knfsd buggy

> server machine was slow (486-100), too. Now with P-150, I see 100kB/s
> between two Linux systems, which is still a little low, isn't it?

Try 2.1.131*. The client is a lot faster, and with Stephens pageclustering
patches the behaviour is even nicer for binaries and swapping patterns.


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