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    SubjectRe: NOP instruction
    On Wed, 16 Dec 1998, Chris Wedgwood wrote:

    > Several architectures have real NOPs -- Intel might be one of the few
    > that doesn't.
    > (Hoping everyone will jump in with their favorite arch. now)

    Well, here's an archaic one for you: The Motorola 6809 processor had a
    separate NOP coded as 12h (10h, 11h were "prefixes", 13h-1fh were misc
    instructions). Granted, it's an 8 bit processor :) (Mind you, any
    "invalid" opcodes acted as NOPs as well under that one)

    William Astle

    Floppity, floppity, flip
    The mouse on the mobius strip;
    The strip revolved,
    The mouse dissolved
    In a chronodimensional skip.

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