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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Support new egcs/pgcc -mpentium(pro) options

On Sun, 13 Dec 1998, Matthias Andree wrote:

>Hello penguinoids,
>I have wrote a small patch against 2.1.131-ac9 which implements the
>promised enhanced support for the new egcs/pgcc i386 target submodel
>options such as -mpentium, -mpentiumpro, -march=pentium and
>The patch should be pretty self-explanatory and touches:
>+++ linux-2.1.131-ac9-ma/Documentation/ Sun Dec 13 05:15:06 1998
>+++ linux-2.1.131-ac9-ma/arch/i386/Makefile Sun Dec 13 05:14:09 1998
>+++ linux-2.1.131-ac9-ma/arch/i386/ Sun Dec 13 05:14:21 1998
>Some questions left:
>1. Does gcc 2.8 support the aforementioned options?
>2. What is the minimum egcs/pgcc version for these options?
>3. What is the reason a 486 configured kernel will not run on the 386?
> It's evidently not the compiler as far as I can tell from my
> gcc-2.7.2.x/pgcc-1.1.1 documentation.
>And *please*, do check the if the contents are correct.
>There are probably some gcc/egcs/pgcc gurus out there which can comment
>on for-/backwards compatibility, particularly in context with the
>-march= option.
>Please Cc: your answers/comments.
>Happy compiling,
>Matthias Andree

As to -march= option, it is available indeed both for pentium and
pentiumpro, according to the documentaion. I remember, however, reading a
mail posted to the pgcc mailing list some months ago, where the author
wrote approximately :

this option dosen't make sense for pentium because there are no
architecture specific instrunctions available for it (but not for
pentiumpro). So the valide option for pentium is -mpentium.

I'm merely a beginner user. It's possible I misunderstood the intention of
the author.

Can some experts confirm or refute the above statement?


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