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SubjectRe: [LITTLE BIT OFFTOPIC] Re: crypto
On Dec 13,  4:44am, Alan Cox wrote:
> Subject: Re: [LITTLE BIT OFFTOPIC] Re: crypto
> > Or perhaps, if you are well financed, let them attempt to make an example
> > you, and hope that the Supreme Court, which seems to be the last bastion of
> > freedom, justice, and rationality in the US Government, will agree with you
> > free everyone else of the arcane restrictions without ever having to deal
> > lobbying. The EFF would most likely be willing to aid in the case and
> > is some chance the ACLU would...
> When all US cryptography is imported from places like Colombia and the only
> magic keys and back doors to the US economy belong to foreign governments
> and foreign terrorist organisations maybe they'll get enlightened.

"When only outlaws have crypto, hyvh6jd jyudhjnxz djshauwe sakuashdse!

Actually when their security gets compromised in a public and embarasing
fashion due to their own rules, then they might get a clue. The general
attitude seems to be that they don't care if YOU get hacked as long as they can
spy on everyone in the mean time.

> Bombay is 250mS from New York in the new world order. If your commerce
> server can run in either country and the operating costs are far lower then
> nobody will be staying another ten years. Many vendors ship their product in
> containers from the far east to the US and Europe. Its not very hard to move
> the order taking arm.

The server for Tonga is in the Tonga embassy in California.
( is hosted there.)

The current stragedy seems to be using strongarm tactics on smaller countries
to get them to accept American neurosis about encryption into their legal
structure. (This is what Wassinar (sp?) was all about.) Commerce is not their
real worry anyways. It is basic communications via e-mail, IRC and the like.

> Its a good idea to remind politicans of this regularly.

Until they get the great scare speach from the NSA/FBI about the Evils of
Unfettered Encryption.

Alan Olsen

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