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    SubjectRe: kernel knowledge of localtime (user-level implememntation)
    On Fri, Dec 04, 1998 at 04:38:56PM -0800, a sun wrote:

    > umm, various filesystems (dos/mac-based) deal with everything in
    > local time. not dealing with them in that way will break
    > cross-platform behaviour. similarly, assuming that local time is
    > really the same as shifted-UTC will also fail as you have no idea
    > in what timezone a particular file was created in.

    So -- we make the VFS know about time-zone changes, surely that would
    work? We don't even need this to be overly clever, we would just make
    it a simple integer offset from UTC (kernel) time and have a userland
    daemon re-sync. this when timezones shift (eg. daylight savings

    Hmm... does DOS deal with daylight savings time anyhow?

    I don't see where else the kernel needs timezone information.


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