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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] modify console_loglevel from commandline
    Chris Wedgwood <> said:
    > On Thu, Dec 10, 1998 at 03:24:46AM +0000, Alan Cox wrote:
    > > Legally required - I dont think so. Polite - yes

    > I don't doubt it's polite -- but if its not legally required, why not
    > give some people the option to be less verbose?
    > All those with big heads who will be offended by this, please step
    > forward and say (c) 1998 blah now.
    > Initially I know some people don't like all the messages linux spews
    > out, but after a while it doesn't bother people so much and often
    > turns out damned handy (a linux boot disk makes a great hardware
    > diganotics tool).

    No problem with boot messages, but it is anoying if you suddenly get the
    message that the CDROM module or whatever was inserted in the middle of the
    screen where you are reading mail.

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