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SubjectRe: Dumb question: Which is "better" SCSI or IDE disks?

In message <>, Gregory Maxwell

> On Tue, 8 Dec 1998, C S Hendrix wrote:
> > > RAID-1 is disk mirror. DPT is cache with RAID. RAID will increase the
> > > disk performance.
> >
> > Not when doing RAID1 it won't. You are doing a mirror. You'll be
> > lucky if it's even as fast as non-RAID.
> All okay raid-1 implimentations stripe reads, thus doubling your read
> performance.

In your wildest dreams, maybe.

Some implementations can get faster reads, but none of them will
double your speed unless it is because of the hardware cache system
you get with some RAID controllers.

Striping is somewhat like dual CPUs... double the power only
in theory.

Also, there is this operation called ``write'' that also plays a
part and it's slower in RAID1... :)

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