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Subject155460 bogomips at the linux cluster meeting
I'm pleased to announce that we had a total of


BogoMips in a total of


machines, running, at the Paderborn Linux-cluster-meeting. This was not
counting the subcluster consisting of 40 666Mhz alpha machines.

We also broke the world record of 180 working linux nodes (or so). We raised
it to at least 455 machines in a fully switched(!) 100Mbit network.

The 40 node alpha subcluster ran the linpack benchmark, and, if this gets
official, we will even enter the top500 supercomputers, around place 230.
(It was not possible to run linpack on more machines in the given time)

The whole project took three weeks of hard planning, one day hard work
connecting all the machines, one night of computing, benchmarking, very hard
tv-interviews, and a very, very big publicity boost for linux(*), at least in

More information (in germany) can be found on,
unfortunately in german only.

I'm sorry that I don't have more information at the moment (and the
information above isn't even official), but analysing the data takes some
time, and I just had to cry it out.

I hope this gives us the bogomips record for a single "computing entity"
(whatever this shell mean).

Thanks to all who have helped, see you next year with more thorough planning!

(*) I have the feeling the WDR (the local tv station) dropped the unimportant
microsoft topics in favour of "linux can do it as well, and better!"
(**) deutsche welle transmitted it live to as far as china and korea!

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