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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Patch to Memory Subsystem ... (Needed?)
On Sat, 7 Nov 1998, Brian Schau wrote:

> But that was exactly the problem. I ran out of physical and swap
> memory, so root couldn't get a login to fix things. I can add yet
> another 128Mb swapfile and be happy about that UNTIL this swapfile is
> exhausted too. Then I will be in deep sh*t again ......

I guess this should be clear by now :)

> 3) I sense that people doesn't quite 'like' the patch (idea). That's
> fine with me. All I asked for was for somebody to spend 5 minutes on
> validating the changes so that I could safely use the patch for private
> purpose ....

Now that I think of it, the patch is _not_ safe.

Consider the situation where no program is allocating
memory and the disk cache has eaten everything exept
the last 2 MB. The rootpages limit is set to 4 MB, swap
is full and the page/buffer cache is using 66% of real

Now a userland program horribly fails, despite the fact
that 256 of your 384 MB are used for disk cache...
[more comments not necessary]


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