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    Subjectvery slow network between 2.1.127 and PC/TCP [lost cause?]

    I've been using 2.0.35 on a pentium 90 with a 3c509 (driver built as a
    module) for a while, transferring files to an old msdos 6.22 box running
    PC/TCP software (OnNet 1.2 -- broken) also with a 3c509. Normally I get about
    100kb/sec between these boxes (but up to 1000kb/sec between the p90 and other
    linux, solaris or sunos boxes).

    When I upgraded the p90 to 2.1.127 (also tried 2.1.125 and 2.1.126), the
    ftp transfer rates to the msdos box dropped to about 3kb/sec. Other
    connections are more or less at their 2.0.35 speed. The 2.0.35 kernel
    does _NOT_ have CONFIG_INET_PCTCP set.

    The PC/TCP software is OnNet 1.2 (PC/TCP Network Software 3.1). The file says that all versions of PC/TCP up to OnNet 2.0 are
    broken, but it looks like CONFIG_INET_PCTCP has been commented out in the
    2.1.x file, and removed from the code.

    I looked in net/ipv4/tcp_input.c in both 2.0.35 and 2.1.127 to see
    where the support for broken PCTCP stacks might go (about 2 lines in
    2.0.35), but the 2.1.x networking has changed enough that it wasn't
    at all clear to me where the support would go. Since the 2.0.35 kernel
    doesn't even have CONFIG_INET_PCTCP set, re-incorporating this config
    option into 2.1.127+ might not even help in cases like mine.

    I have tcpdump logs of ftp transfers to the msdos box with both 2.0.35
    and 2.1.127 on in case anyone
    is interested. Also, if there is other information which would be helpful,
    please let me know.

    If the net maintainers feel that it would be too annoying or disruptive to
    maintain the support for the broken PCTCP versions, I can definitely
    understand that --- I'm certainly trying to get rid of that DOS box as soon
    as I can.

    thanks very much for any help!

    (please cc any replies to me)

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