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    SubjectRe: MAX_DMA_ADDRESS, virt_to_bus (and 3c505.c bug)
    > 	if (virt_to_bus(skb->data) < MAX_DMA_ADDRESS) {
    > memcpy(device->bouncebuf, skb->data, skb->len);
    > device->txbuf = device->bouncebuf;
    > } else
    > device->txbuf = skb->data;
    > This does not work, because the MAX_DMA_ADDRESS is #defined to be
    > PAGE_OFFSET+0x01000000, so it refers to the _virtual_ address instead of
    > the bus one. The correct condition should be

    It also has another error.
    > if (skb->data < MAX_DMA_ADDRESS) ...



    and you ought to check it doesnt span a page. The 85230 driver has the
    right bits in for that now. I've never seen a frame spanning a 64K boundary
    on x86, and the mm may actually mean it cant occur.


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