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SubjectRe: Comments on Microsoft Open Source document
On 4 Nov 98, at 20:39, Horst von Brand wrote:

> The stupid crud MSIE uses, so there are websites that you _can't_ see
> with other browsers? I fear it is not just theory, they _can_ (and
> _will_) use those tactics, and (given the overwhelming desktop position
> they have) they even might have a chance. Sure, they tried to assimilate
> the Internet, and failed (for now...).

I didn't know this was _true_ yet, but it seemed obvious that it was going
to happen as soon as they announced that IE would be integrated into the
MS Windows desktop. If things continue, in 5 years it may not be possible
to browse sites from IE, running on non MS products. In fact, the
licensing might read that it is 'illegal to browse sites operated with non
MS operating systems'. It's already against the licensing to use MS Word
on a non MS operating system. Not that there exists any non MS operating
system that can run Word (the current versions).

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