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SubjectRe: timeouts with ncr53c8xx

On Thu, 5 Nov 1998, Richard Gooch wrote:

> Hans-Frieder Vogt writes:
> > from kernel 2.1.127-pre3 (the first I tried) on I get loads of "aborting command
> > due to timeout" messages short after switching to synchronous mode FAST-10.
> > Were the timings changed in new version 3.1a? Last tried was 2.1.127-pre7.
> > Problem still there.
> > hw is P100 single processor, NCR53C810 on noname card.
> > compiler was gcc 2.8.1 (also tested with egcs-1.1b).
> Yeah, I'm getting much the same behaviour.

It should be interesting to have results using driver 3.0i and 3.1a on the
same kernel version and configuration, for example:

- linux-2.1.126 that has driver 3.0i
- linux-2.1.126 patched for driver 3.1a

Patch location:

And you may want to also compile the kernel using gcc-2.7.x if driver 3.1a
has the timeout problem. If booting with tags disabled, asynchronous
transfers, etc..., makes difference, this may also help find the cause
of the problem.


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