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SubjectRe: Volume Managers in Linux
Shawn Leas writes:
> [acahalan wrote]

>> If you want to write something like Veritas's LVM, make it compatible
>> at the physical disk level so that we can read foreign data. Either
>> that, or be compatible with NT. The PC partition system is going
>> to be eliminated. We don't really need our own incompatible LVM.
> Wouldn't administratively compatible be sufficient?
> Heinz's is almost identical to Veritas's.

Being able to read a UnixWare disk would be wonderful. Being
administratively compatible would be nice, but nothing special.
Administratively compatible is not enough to justify having LVM code.

We killed the old Linux filesystems (xiafs and extfs) but we keep the
odd foreign filesystems (adfs, affs, hpfs, minix, and sysv).

We are going to need LVM support anyway for disk-level compatibility.
Since there isn't a pressing need to have LVM right now, we might
as well wait until some former AIX user needs to read his old disk.

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