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SubjectRE: GURU needed: Linux vs. FreeBSD
Not that this is at all on topic for linux-kernel, but to correct a few

On Tue, 3 Nov 1998, Gregory Maxwell wrote:

> Yes. I dont see why not..
> In lab conditions I've dont that much with 2.0 Linux..

Lab conditions don't mean much.

You need a large number of slow clients. You need a large set of files
being served. You need to understand that you have to serve peak loads,
not average loads.

> They arn't even saturating their 100Bt card.

It is essentially saturating it at peak times AFAIK. Average use of ~67
megabits over a whole day almost always means you will be saturating it at
peak with things like ftp and web servers.

On Tue, 3 Nov 1998, Shawn Leas wrote:

> Hotmail uses Linux for Web Serving, but Solaris for mail, though.

Last I knew they were using FreeBSD + Solaris. They may have some Linux
machines in there though.

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