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    SubjectRe: Volume Managers in Linux

    In message <>, "Brandon S. Allbery KF8NH
    " writes:

    > Just to confuse things a bit more, it appears that the OS/2 implementation
    > of AIX's LVM (in the new OS/2 Warp Server beta) starts with partitions, not
    > raw disk. AIX can get away with raw disk because it's reasonable to expect
    > that there won't be any other OSes on the same machine... aye, there's the
    > rub. A raw-disk LVM will force Linux to be the only OS on the system.

    I'll put forward a possibly ignorant... Why?

    If I have this:

    /dev/sda Window98
    /dev/sdb Linux
    /dev/sdc raw
    /dev/sdd raw

    Why would this hurt anything? I can't see it bothering Win98,
    unless it would try to mess with c and d or have trouble because
    the partition table was missing or incomplete.

    Would any other OS care that two drives were not obviously used?

    csh - -
    "Consulting wouldn't be what it is today without Microsoft Windows"
    -- Chris Pinkham

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