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Subject/proc/pci, lspci etc.
Hello guys,

I saw people arguing about removing /proc/pci and would like to remind of
one simple point why /proc/pci is a good thing. There is no doubt that
lspci utility (part of the wonderful pciutils package by Martin Mares) is
far superiour to anything else (i.e. /proc/pci and scanpci) for examining
PCI configuration space. However, when you are installing a new system you
do not usually have lspci available, but /proc/pci is always there.

Yes, you can argue that Linux distributors should include it on their boot
disks etc. but this being "taste-specific" will lead to nowhere, except
plenty of headache for everyone.

So, imho, although /proc/pci should be obsoleted by much better lspci this
should not happen until one ensures that lspci can be used in *ALL*
situations instead, including installation process itself.


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