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SubjectRe: delayed acks after fast recover
On Mon, 30 Nov 1998, David S. Miller wrote:

>Ok I am looking at this patch. But I will take a lot of time with it,


>One problem I have so far though:
>@@ -129,7 +166,7 @@
> tp->delayed_acks++;
> /* Tiny-grams with PSH set make us ACK quickly. */
> if(th->psh && (skb->len < (tp->mss_cache >> 1)))
>- tp->ato = HZ/50;
>+ tp->delack_mode |= TCP_DELACK_DISABLE;
> }
> /* Called to compute a smoothed rtt estimate. The data fed to this
>This is wrong, I don't like this. The code wants to ack "quickly" not
>"right now" in these cases. There is an example case I once saw in a

quickly == right now over my ppp link ;). Probably is better to remove the
whole check for pushed little segments if you care to decrease the network

Andrea Arcangeli

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