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SubjectNFS: Olaf's NFS v3 patches

Just so nobody duplicates the work by accident, I've started merging the
Olaf NFS v3 patches into the main tree. Firstly because it has some rpc
scheduling fixes I want to eliminate from the 'NFS/tcp' mystery and
secondly because I benched the new code versus the old using a 2.1.74 kernel
and current 2.1.126 - the .74 setup is 3 times as fast 8)

So far I have rpc updated, most of the include stuff sorted and the lock daemons
Im now patching together the fs/nfs changed bit by bit to keep the dentry
stuff from current with the NFS side work from Olaf.

I don't think its as big a job as Olaf implied - the NFS code is fairly
modular and the changes made over time are clean and clear. Having said that
I think I'm now going to go out and get drunk


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