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SubjectRE: Kernel panic in 2.1.127: login respawns
On 24-Nov-98 wrote:
> Would anyone who has a few spare moments please see if they can generate
> the same results by holding down ^D until init geys mad on each virtual
> console? Thanks.

I got it to happen once on my plain 2.1.129 kernel on the second vc I tried.
The kernel locked up hard, no pings, keyboard response, nothing. It looked
like an oops was printed out, but I didn't catch it.
I compiled 2.1.129-ac5, and tried again, with a similar result. I got an oops
in init, which resulted in the interrupt handler being killed. I wrote down
most of it, but I think there's a few errors in my copy. It was another hard
lockup. This is a K62-300, 64MB ram. More info available on request.


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