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SubjectRe: Out of Memory (2.1.12[89])
> It's not just fork (or, then, maybe it is ..)
> I see bogus "out of memory" errors when running "find"
> and "diff --recursive" under the latest kernels.

For me with fork(), Out Of Memory (ENOMEM) comes from kernel,
not libc. It happens on my Computer with 24Mbytes memory.
When tried on a computer with 32Mbytes memory, I can fill
all the process table, and get EAGAIN.

As far as i've seen inside the kernel, kernel/fork.c,
Out of memory in returned by do_fork(), after a failure in
It seems that kmalloc do not try to free pages by swappingout.
It just failed.

If I've a process that randomly allocates and frees memory with
malloc/free, pages are swapped out and freed, so I can fullfill
process table.

christophe leroy

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