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SubjectRe: High UID support for Linux
On Thu, 19 Nov 1998, Jon Leonard wrote:

> Has anybody looked seriously at supporting 32 bit UIDs on Linux?
> We'd really like to make Linux a commodity at Umich, but with a user
> base of about 100,000, high UIDs are an absolute requirement. I've
> only just started looking at this, but scanning the include files,
> it would appear that some platforms already support high UIDs, but
> not i386.
> There's enough interest in this on campus that we can throw some
> resources at it. If no one else has this one, we could probably do
> it.

This is a typical situation where the (under)graduate student
algorithm will be very useful for reaching your goal.

The changes involved should be relatively straightforward,
as long as you make sure that the high UIDs use the same
ext2 fields that the HURD uses it should be easy but thorough
grunt work.

Any CS student willing to take up this project?


Rik -- slowly getting used to dvorak kbd layout...
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