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SubjectRe: Monitor w N 6110...
"Jon M. Taylor" wrote:
> On Mon, 23 Nov 1998, Hubert Wygonowski wrote:
> > Prosba,
> >
> > Podeslijcie mi jakies linki do opisu net monitora w N6110,
> > szczegolnie czy mozna wlaczyc podswietlanie na stale. Cos bylo o tym chyba.
> > Pozdrawiam, Hubert

Translation attempt:


Send me some links to descriptions of the N6110 monitor.
In esp. whatever it's possible to turn the backlight permanently on.
There was something about this I think.
Greetings Hubers.

> Why is this stuff on linux-kernel??? It all looks like
> classified ads in Polish....

It's certainly polish, but not all of those messages where adverts.

I would guess that somebody is just playing jokes and forwarding some
to linux-kernel. Or maybe somebody just screwed his news->mail


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