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SubjectRe: The history of the Linux OS

It is worth digging up the oldest Linux versions you can while it is still

I have some old X stuff around (somewhere around X1 or X2), but regret
having not been more systematic myself. (would be painful to get up these
days; the display hardware is dramatically different and some of the early
X software was written in CLU; so early days of the X Window System are
unlikely to ever re-emerge from the twilight of history.)

There are a group of people on the net who are preserving old systems
and software.

For example, no one will ever see UNIX before version 5, even though emulators
exist for the hardware they ran on: Dennis Ritchie and others have been
unable to find either a bootable disk image or sources to earlier versions.
V5 and later versions can be played with today under emulators. (Would
be easy to get the PDP-11 simulator running under Linux; I've suggested to
Bob Supnik that it would be a good thing to do).
- Jim

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