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SubjectRe: clgenfb.c and i386 (Cirrus Logic FB)
On 18 Nov 1998, Jes Sorensen wrote:

> >>>>> "Martynas" == Martynas Kunigelis <> writes:
> Martynas> Richard A Nelson wrote:
> >> I see that clgenfb.c isn't supported for i386 arch ;-{
> Martynas> The same unfortunately holds true for many cards, S3 Virge
> Martynas> in my case. There is virgefb.c, but not for i386 :(
> Martynas> How much effort is required to "backport" the drivers? IIRC,
> Martynas> most of the depend on the firmware to set the initial
> Martynas> graphics mode, which is of no help on PC.
> The current virgefb is just a hack to allow people to use the card as
> a framebuffer after the video mode has been set by the boot `firmware'
> if you like. The driver really needs someone who cares to sit down and
> write the part of the code that initialised the gfx modes.

The KGI ViRGE chipset driver is currently in active development
and does not have these problems. It is a full-featured driver, with
support for MMIO relocation, accelerations (not many yet but the framework
is present and works), and true VGA and S3 'fasttext' textmode support.
It should also be fairly easy to port to other architectures due to the
KGI abstract device I/O scheme used. The developers and testers are
reporting that most modes work, modesetting works, XF68_fbdev works and of
course so does LibGGI and all its apps. And the driver can be used as a
normal fbdev loadable module driver through KGIcon. Check it out.


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