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    SubjectRe: 2.1.128 Oops
    Hi Alan,

    No we haven't tried the final 36 I should have said 36preX..(apologies
    :)).. I was under the impression from previous posts that SMP work was
    being put mainly into 2.1.X series and so we abandoned 2.0.X series about
    2 months ago.. in an attempt to solve the lockups. (However, having said
    that I have seen that there is a lot of effort in the 2.0 series to
    improve/stabilize perhaps our reasoning was flawed in moving to

    For our production machines would the recommendations be to return to the
    2.0.X for SMP? Was the oops I posted of any help in pointing to the
    possible source of the problem?



    On Tue, 17 Nov 1998, Alan Cox wrote:

    > > We've been having continous lockups from 2.0.35-36 to 2.1.9X's to 2.1.128
    > > with our SMP machines for the past 6-9 mos on Dual PPRO's, Dual PII 200's
    > > and now Dual PII 400s (last 2 Intel boards..) : Symptoms are black
    > > screen..lockups occur randomly sometimes a few days 2-3 with no lockup,
    > > frequency of lockups increase it appears with increased network
    > > traffic..not necessarily high load.
    > Including 2.0.36 final. You say "past 6-9 months" but obviously thats not
    > 2.0.36 final releases

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