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SubjectRe: IDE interrupt masking and serial ports (was Re: Lockout during heavy disk I/O)
On Tue, 17 Nov 1998, Mark Lord wrote:

>> Now, I'll repeat a request made previously: would people with IDE HDs that
>> corrupt data when used with hdparm -u1 please step forward so we can start
>> making blacklists and further debugging?
>It's not disks, but rather, interfaces that once had
>problems with unmasked IRQs. Specifically, the CMD640

Well how do you explain that my HDs work fine with hdparm -u1 but my
CD-ROM does *not*?

It's Mitsumi CR2801TE CD-R drive, and it corrupts silently data with
unmasked IRQs while reading -- I haven't had any writing problems.

Don't say it's unrelated to topic just because it happens to be CD not HD.

This is Pentium 120 with Triton chipset and MG motherboard.

(offtopic: this QNX demodisk is *cool*. Single floppy that runs the
realtime OS and has complete window system, web browser and web server
included, on the single 1.4MB floppy. Downloaded from qnx web site... i'd
hope Linux would be as efficient. I'm right now writing this message with
qnx loaded from the demodisk).

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| Studying information engineering at the University of Oulu

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