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SubjectRe: Intel microcode fixes [OFF-TOPIC]
Followup to:  <>
By author: menion <>
In newsgroup:
> >
> > Microcode fixes for Intel P6-core chips are uploaded to the CPU either
> > by the BIOS, or by a driver. Linux obviously doesn't have a driver,
> > which means it has to be done by the BIOS (usually shipped as part of
> > the BIOS) or we have to get a driver.
> >
> > The microcode update itself is delivered from Intel as a binary blob.
> >
> > -hpa
> Call me superstitous (and a bad speller), but the idea of upgrading
> micro-code is even worse than that of bioses. Frankly the idea of
> replaceing a bios is enough to make me reach for a little Maalox (at
> times), but the idea of upgrading _micro-coding_ on a stinking CPU makes
> me want... some Mez-Cal(*), or Jose Cuervo at least. (and lots of it.)

The microcode update is nonpersistent. If it doesn't work, you can
cut the power and restart the CPU in original state.

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