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SubjectRe: The Euro-symbol
> Eventhough I'm quite convinced that EMU is evil(tm) and will collapse
> soon, it still has caught a lot of business-people in its grip. And as of
> the 1st of January 1999, the Euro will be an official currency in several
> countries in Europe. Therefore, AltGr + E has been assigned as the
> standard key to display the Euro-symbol. Will this make it into the v2.2
> kernel, together with the proper symbol in the character-set? (I haven't
> got a clue what sign is replaced...)

I have Euro-symbol in my fonts
including proper sfm (that is included) and acms for latin1 and latin2, so
the font side should not be the problem (the fonts are basically
iso8859-[12] but include most commonly used line drawing characters and
several characters from the CP437, so you can happily run mc and stuff like
that, while using latin1 or latin2 characters at the same time.
Euro-symbol is only accessible using Unicode though, as it is not present in
latin1 or latin2 nor in VT line drawing set, so some solution must be find
out to get applications without bigger effort use that character.

Jakub Jelinek | |
Administrator of SunSITE Czech Republic, MFF, Charles University
Ultralinux - first 64bit OS to take full power of the UltraSparc
Linux version 2.1.128 on a sparc64 machine (498.80 BogoMips).

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