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    SubjectRe: include file conflict
    > That I agree with 100%. For example, the autofs code contains
    > linux/auto_fs.h and fs/autofs/autofs_i.h which are much that way.
    > I've been thinking about this for a while myself, and it would be
    > interesting to put something like a major version number and datestamp
    > into the beginning of the interface header file:
    > /*
    > * linux/ext2fs.h
    > *
    > */

    I would use actual #define's. That is what autofs does, in fact.


    > P.S. I prefer to use linux/foo.h for the public interface, and
    > linux/fooP.h for the kernel-private information; hence linux/serial.h
    > and linux/serialP.h. Other people like to use linux/foo_i.h for the
    > publically exported interface. This is just a matter of taste, but it
    > seems nicer to me to reserve the "uglier" name for the internal header
    > file, and to use the "nicer" name for the public header file.

    I use *_i.h for <i>nternal.


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