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SubjectRe: elevator algorithm bug in ll_rw_blk.c
On Sun, 15 Nov 1998, Riley Williams wrote:

> That overlooks the fact that for a unidirectional scan, the head still
> has to be scanned back across the whole width of the disk, so you're
> actually saying that one is better off making all suchlike seeks taake
> 1+1=2 rather than letting some of them take 1/2+1/2=1 - and I have to
> say that I disagree with you...

You are missing the point. A return scan takes a short time, the time
taken is in stopping the heads to service a request. The extra cost of the
return is usually accepted as a tradeoff for the fairness.

Most os textbooks have a chapter on filesystem design that treats this
topic. They usually explain why a one-way scan is usually used.

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