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SubjectRe: Total freeze with 2.1.12[7,8]
On Fri, Nov 13, 1998 at 06:18:42PM +0100, Pascal A. Dupuis wrote:

> I've got some mysterious crashes, without any message in the syslog. Total
> freeze, no keyboard, no network whatsoever. Just the reset button, and
> then 10 minutes delay before disks are checked.

[Description snippage]

I've been getting something similar since about 2.11x. I poisted here some
time ago when it appeared to be only SCSI CD related & verified my hardware
wasn't the problem. It's been getting worse and worse with new kernels, but
I noticed that once I upgraded to a currentish egcs & 2.1.128 the system is
unusable - lockups under any load, any use of sg and sr_mod, any use of the
es1370 driver. My 2.1.101 compiled with egcs 1.0.3 still works, so I'm
going to try the recommended version of gcc and see what happens.

Rodger Donaldson
"Forgive us if we bite your head off; we were led to assume you weren't
using it in the first place"
--Jim Allenspach, in comp.lang.perl.misc

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