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when using this patch on 2.0.36preX (for >14 you need some handwork :-) ), may
machines always freezes completely when recording after I used playback
(ad1848 driver).

This saturday I had some time to do look a little bit at the source and adding
some printk's. The following mini-patch fixes the problem for me:

--- audio.c.orig1 Sat Nov 14 14:48:39 1998
+++ audio.c Sat Nov 14 14:53:46 1998
@@ -158,7 +158,8 @@
audio_devs[dev]->dmap_out->closing = 1;
audio_devs[dev]->dmap_in->closing = 1;

- sync_output(dev);
+ if (mode & OPEN_WRITE)
+ sync_output(dev);

if (audio_devs[dev]->coproc)
audio_devs[dev]->coproc->close(audio_devs[dev]->coproc->devc, COPR_PCM);

Otherwise the new sound-code works very well for me and is a big win compared
to the standard. Only two things: often I get the following message:

ad1848: Interrupt test failed (IRQ11)

If I remove the module and then reloade it it usually works. This did not happen
with the standard sound code.

The other one is that when playing and recording (i.e. with NAS), or only
recording with NAS, I get

Sound: DMA (input) timed out - IRQ/DRQ config error?

Problably a problem of ad1848.c (and my card??). The old driver didn't work,
either, but I modified it succesfully. I further had to modify dmabuf.c.

A lot of these changes I found similar in the new ad1848.c. But especially
changes in adintr (was ad1848_interrupt) are a bit different. Has anybody
similar problems (my card has a CS4231)?

Wolfgang Walter

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