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    SubjectRe: Multi-IO card driver?
    On Thu, Nov 12, 1998 at 05:20:25PM +0100, Konrad Rosenbaum wrote:
    > Hi,
    > is there any patch for a card named PCL-818L (or similiar) - it is a
    > multi-IO card with digital and analogous lines in and out plus timers
    > etc. We want to use it for controlling a workplace which measures
    > activities and controls floating fluids. Yet we have a driver for Windoze
    > 95 - but you'll agree: that's no stable system for critical applications.
    > hopin' on help,
    > Konrad

    The best source for information about data acquisition and control
    under Linux is the Linux Lab Project,

    There does not appear to be a driver specifically for the PCL-818L,
    but there are drivers for similar boards, such as the PCL-711.
    Drivers for these boards are not difficult to write -- I just got
    a patch for a new one the other day. Check out Comedi, the Linux
    Control and Measurment Device Interface,

    Circuit Specialists,, sells PCL compatible boards and
    also publishes programming info on the web. I like companies like
    this. I'll check the programming info for their 818 compatible
    card and find out how compatible it is.


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