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SubjectRe: e2fsck...
Mofeed Shahin wrote:
> So let me get this straight, If I want to check my file system for errors
> there is no problems, but if I want to fix any errors found I have to
> reboot via a boot disk, and then e2fsck the now unmounted drive ?
> If true (makes sense since it is a multitasking environment), then this is
> not so good for my internet gateway, which may have some corruption.
> But hey no use winging about it.
> Cheers Mof.

depends on your partition scheme, if the corrupt partion is not / then
you can just boot single-user and e2fsck it from there...

actually, I haven't done this in a bit, but I think you can even remount
/ read-only in single user mode, and assuming the e2fsck binary itself
isn't corrupt, you can repair it in place.

But yes, you'll have to schedule down time to drop it out of multi-user
mode. (unless you are really brave and want to write to e2fsck it while
it is running :)


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