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SubjectRe: e2fsck...
On Wed, Nov 11, 1998 at 03:11:39PM +1030, Mofeed Shahin wrote:
> I am just wandering what (if any) are the concequences of running e2fsck
> on a read/write mounted fs (such as the root partition)?
> Linux 2.0.34

The kernel maintains a cache to store were files, inodes and other stuff
reside. Don't know if e2fsck is able to flush it, but I guess so; otherwise
fsck'ing a read-only partition wqould also cause pain.
With read-write, you have to be sure all data was written (sync'ed) to disk
(easy) and the kernel is not trying to write something until e2fsck has
finished. Don't know, if e2fsck has ways to tell the kernel not to do it. I
guess, no.

Kurt Garloff <> (Dortmund, FRG)
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