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SubjectRe: Linux as a SCSI _Target_ device?

On Tue, 10 Nov 1998, Jeff Noxon wrote:

> Can anyone tell me if it would be possible to make a Linux system appear
> to another system as a SCSI target? I want to RAID 5 a whole mess of
> IDE drives and have it appear to another Linux box as a SCSI hard drive.
> I'm guessing it would be possible with one of the Symbios chips and some
> clever hacking. True/False? Where to start?
> If I need special hardware, I'm out.

i'm not sure wether such a thing exists in retail, but you also need
kernel support for this. The point would be to 'export' a block device
(RAID5) as an SCSI target.

i was thinking about this one yes, this way Linux could be a real
hardware-RAID box. It's _not_ really complex, but i havent seen this yet.
The board has to do something like this:

- send an IRQ if an SCSI command arrives
- should be able to DMA out to the SCSI bus and also accept DMA

probably there are some RT considerations (Linux has to react within a
given timeframe), but maybe not, and Linux can sure can do much better
than the millisec-timescale of RAID arrays. It is an interesting project.
True 50-500G hardware-RAID for $5K or so.

-- mingo

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