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    SubjectLockup and Re: IDE CDROM failure with 2.1.125: lost interrupt
    Kernel 2.1.127, PII, UP, IDE system. 

    Had a complete lockup, while grep'ing all the CD, and doing repeatedly
    cat /proc/interrupts. SysRq P showed an EIP most of the time (8 over
    10) in schedule(). Tried to start up more shells, no answer. Did an
    emergency reboot. No message from CD or anything, just load going up
    to about 20 and no more sign of life (well, X was working).

    Probably unrelated with the IDE CD lost interrupt, for this I Cc: this
    mail to linux-kernel. I have more info, if anyone is interested;
    during the lockup I did about ten SysRq-P and a couple of SysRq-T.


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