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SubjectSB sound driver
Hi Linus,

may be you know about the bug in sound driver (at least for SB)
that prevents you from unloading soundcore even if there is no
modules using soundcore's resources. This patch is a piece
from 2.1.124ac2. It's not very original, but seems to do the
job without any harm (for me). I think it would be nice to be
in the future kernels if nobody have troubles with it.

Petko Manolov -
--- sb_common.c.orig Thu Sep 10 23:37:26 1998
+++ sb_common.c Tue Oct 6 15:04:05 1998
@@ -954,8 +954,7 @@
if (!(devc->caps & SB_NO_AUDIO && devc->caps & SB_NO_MIDI) && devc->irq > 0)
free_irq(devc->irq, devc);
- if (devc->my_mixerdev)
- sound_unload_mixerdev(devc->my_mixerdev);
+ sound_unload_mixerdev(devc->my_mixerdev);
/* We don't have to do this bit any more the UART401 is its own
master -- Krzysztof Halasa */
/* But we have to do it, if UART401 is not detected */
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