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SubjectRe: UDI and Free Software

On Thu, 8 Oct 1998, Simon Kenyon wrote:

> On 08-Oct-98 Alan McLean wrote:
> >> > On 08-Oct-98 Richard Stallman wrote:
> >> >
> >> > Well, I never listened to them, and that's why we now have
> >> > a free operating system
> >>
> >> how is the Hurd doing these days?
> >
> > is this an honest question, or a slam?
> >
> > it's amazing the lack of respect people seem to have for
> > the FSF/GNU today. where would Linux, or any of the free
> > Unix be today, without the work already done by the FSF,
> > i.e. the GNU toolchain.
> well i seem to remember rms being *very* dismissive of linux in it's early
> days anyway, i asked his a question recently and the answer i got back
> was:

Everybody involved in free software was dismissive of Linux in the early
days, and even until recently Linux has been "the toy UNIX that any real
UNIX person would ignore" to the majority of the UNIX community.

I'd say that RMS's "dismissiveness" was nothing more than "show it to me
when it works until then it's vapour" but that you may have taken it the
wrong way. Linux was pretty goddamn primitive, not too long ago!

> "If you have chosen not to contribute to the free software movement, then you
> have nothing to contribute to our decisions."
> i don't like the rewriting of history

I see nothing wrong with this statement, nor do I see an alleged attempt
to rewrite history. What exactly do you think is wrong with a claim that
basically translates into "respect given where respect due"?

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