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Subjectweird nfs lseek bug in 2.0.35: mount point is suddenly toast

We have encountered a bizarre bug related to nfs on Linux.

Here is the senerio:

/xxxx/yyyy is an nfs mounted directory.

/xxxx/yyyy/daily/engn/squ/squ.mmk is a link pointing to S/squ.mmk

Running a perl script that did a 'if ( -l $_) { ... } where $_ was 'squ.mmk'
caused the /xxxx/yyyy mount point to be sponaneously changed into a link to

Doing a strace on the perl script showed that it was executing an lstat system
call at this point. This perl script does the same thing many other times, but
when it gets to this file we toast our mount point.

Note that the offending perl script is being run from non-root id and is not
suid root.

We are running 2.0.35 pre5, with one local patch to make the ELOOP threshold
dynamically configurable.

Both the nfs server and client are running this kernel.

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